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Spot on
Thank you
Posted By: Jennifer
Nancy's work helped our cat release the stress and trauma I believe she may be carrying from the past, she has been much calmer and more relaxed since her session.
Posted By: Clare
I asked Nancy to help with our dog Amber and why she sometimes behaves in the way she does. I found the Trust Technique fascinating, almost like magic! In relation to the present moment: I tend to live in the past and worry about the future. I found being in the present moment very pleasant. I could clearly see during my session with Nancy if I was not relaxed and present then Amber was not able to relax either. However once I was properly present Amber was as well - like a mirror.
Nancy explained the Trust Technique very clearly and in a manner which was easy to understand. I have felt confident to continue doing it myself with Amber after the session, and am keen to do this with our other animals also. Nancy installed a calmness and confidence in me that I am able to do this, she is an excellent teacher.
Posted By: L B
I contacted Nancy regarding my dog who I have recently taken on from a rescue home, he is a lovely dog but often when we're out stops listening to me and goes off and does his own thing. Nancy came and gave us a Trust Technique session, I was completely amazed at how my dog responded, he became so relaxed and peaceful. I can see how he will be able to listen to me more if I keep doing this. I have enjoyed getting present with him since the session, it has also helped me to clear my mind of all the clutter that is often going around in it.
Posted By: David
I was so worried about the last few days of my dog, Pru's, life. It was a very difficult time for me.
I contacted Nancy after Pru had died and found her communication with Pru to be incredibly helpful and of great comfort to me at this time. Nancy made a very beautiful connection with my beloved dog....thank -you again so much.
Posted By: Jane

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