Animal Communication

I communicate with animals telepathically and intuitively, receiving and sending information in the form of pictures, feelings, sensations, thoughts and words.  I am able to receive these impressions by establishing a connection with the mind, heart, spirit or soul of the animal I am communicating with.  This connection is made possible when we are still and quiet inside, and perhaps more importantly have an open heart. It’s a little bit like being a radio transmitter where we need to be on the right frequency to receive the vibrations that are being sent.  Animals are communicating with us all the time, it’s just whether or not we can hear them.

quest horseWhat happens during an animal communication session?

Prior to the session I will ask you to send me a good quality photo of your animal, it needs to be one where I can see their eyes clearly and where only they are present in the picture.  Using this photo I will make a connection with your animal.

Similarly to healing, animal communication is all about working with energy so I don’t need to be physically present in the same room as them to communicate.  I spend up to an hour with each animal during each session.

Initially I’ll ask a few questions so that you can verify that I am communicating with your animal friend and then I’ll ask the questions that you, their guardian, has sent.

It’s always a good idea to have specific questions in mind, what you would particularly like attention to be focused on during the session.

After this I will contact you so that I can arrange a time to phone you (on a UK landline) so that I can give you the information I have received.

How is animal communication helpful?

To help gain a deeper understanding of your animal friend.

Even if you have a good understanding of and with them already it can help deepen and strengthen the bond further between you. Some animals have specific jobs or roles to play in our lives. There are reasons why they are with us (not necessarily just on a practical level but also on a more spiritual level). As well as being our companions and friends they may have things to teach us, by communicating with them it possible to find out more about what this is.

birdBehavioural issues

Sessions can be helpful to find out more directly from your animal why they are behaving in a certain way and then take steps to help resolve this.  Often you, as their guardian, will need to do things to help with this. Please note that animals, like every living being, have free will and choice and if they genuinely don’t want to change something then they won’t.

Emotional concerns

Animals experience a wide range of emotions like we do, joyfulness and love, sadness and anxiety. They can be affected by grief when they loose a companion or family member. They may also experience stress when they have a change in circumstances, like moving house. By communicating with them it is possible to understand directly from them how they are feeling and what their needs are. There can also be a release of emotional concerns after expressing them, fears and trauma for example.

Health issues

Using Gestalt it is possible to give a ‘body scan’ to pinpoint areas of pain and discomfort and following on from this to ask them if there is anything in particular they need to help them. Note this is NOT intended as an alternative for veterinary treatment and you should always consult your vet if you are concerned about your animal’s health.

dogConnecting with animals who have passed into spirit

Understandably it is a very sad time to lose a much loved animal friend who has been a companion and family member. By communicating with them I am able to ask them any questions that you have for them, and also ask for any messages that they have for you as they move on their journey into the spirit world. Although they are not with us physically any longer it is still possible to feel a connection with them and that they are still present with us in our hearts.

Missing animals

Tracking an animal that is missing or lost can be one of the most difficult and time consuming jobs for an animal communicator, as often the animal will keep moving location. Sometimes they have sadly died and sometimes they have run away and don’t want to return home. While I may not always be able to track a missing animal to the exact location where they are. I may be able to make a connection with them to find out more about why they went missing; find a description of where they are or have been; ‘body scan’ them to see if they are injured; try to establish whether they have died and passed into spirit.

Please contact me directly first to see if I am able to help with this.

goatTo book a session

Send a good quality photo of the animal, one where both eyes are clearly visible (or with birds, and some other animals, depending on where their eyes are positioned, one eye clearly) and with only them present in the picture.  This can be emailed or if that’s not possible then by post (ask for my address, I can return pictures afterwards)

Their name, age (if known), sex and how long they have been with you.

The questions you’d like to ask (up to 6)

Your payment - via booking page or you can send by cheque.

Please note once I have received your information and payment it is likely to take upto 2 weeks before I get back to you.


Animal Communication: £50 per session using a photograph.

£45 for any further session(s) with the same animal using a photograph.

£60 per session for a home visit  (plus travel costs if necessary)

If you would like to book a Trust Technique session, which takes place at your home/yard these also cost £60 (plus travel costs)

For Missing animals please contact me directly first to see if I am able to help.

I do not make any charge to animal shelters or rescue homes.

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